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“Shereena has dealt with my accounts, including tax returns, for the last five years. I have found her extremely reliable. I no longer worry about accounting matters such as income tax and national insurance; she does it all for me with great efficiency. I was also very pleased to secure a recent remortgage that may not have been successful had it not been for her supporting letter. I recommend Shereena to everyone I know who needs an accountant!”
- Dr Diane Bebbington, Knowledge Perspectives
Knowledge Perspectives is a UK based Research Consultancy that provides ground-breaking research services specialising in higher education and social issues

“Count and See expertly deals with all aspects of my tax return, I simply send Shereena the information once a year and my return comes back quickly and accurately. I never have to worry about my tax affairs and compliance; Shereena just deals with it all for me.”
- Frank McDowell

“Shereena has been my trusted and talented accountant for a number of years; professional and friendly she is always there at the end of the phone or a quick return email, happy to answer queries, clearly and fully. Timely reminders of deadlines, explanations of which forms must be completed, when and why, advice on formatting and spreadsheets are all part of a great service and a pro-active professional relationship. Shereena provides a personal touch, a wonderful service and a fair price structure which, in my experience, bigger firms aren't able or inclined to do. She has helped me unravel some of the basic complexities of the tax system, made the whole process more accessible and less of a dreaded annual burden, in fact, almost fun! Now that reminds me, where did I put those receipts?”
- Rebecca Clay, Actress

“Count and See has been doing my tax returns for the past five years, during which I have always been pleased with the service. With the friendliness and, above all, the helpfulness from Shereena, any questions or issues I had were dealt with quickly and in a very professional manner. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”
- J Segond, Painter and Decorator