Accounts Preparation

We prepare two types of accounts:
  • Annual Accounts
    All businesses need these so they know how much tax to pay.  In addition, all Limited Companies need to file these at Companies House each year.
  • Monthly Management Accounts
    Some small businesses don't need these, but most small and medium businesses use these to manage cash flow, track performance, and to help make decisions to keep them on course.
Our Annual Accounts service starts from £300+VAT (for sole proprietors).  For Limited Companies and Partnerships, our fee starts from £500+VAT per year.


Book-keeping is about keeping track of all of the income and expenses in your business.  It provides the information needed for Accounts Preparation (see above) and other documents you must file.  Thankfully, it does not need to weigh you down!  There are three main options:

  • You do it as you go along
  • Our book-keepers come in regularly and do it for you
  • You send us a shoe box full of receipts every few months
Whichever approach suits you better, we can help you set it up so that you never miss a deadline.

Adding book-keeping to our Annual Accounts service costs from £xxx per year.  The rate varies depending on the volume of invoices, what you do yourself.  Use our Contact form if you want a tailored quotation now.

Service packages for businesses

Below is a summary of our services for businesses:

 StandardPremiumBusiness Start-ups
We can help you from when you first start your business, including company formations, registering for payroll (and CIS) and VAT.optionalIncludedTrading Vehicle
We'll assist you in deciding in what form you should trade (eg as a Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited company etc)optionalIncludedPayroll & Book-keeping
We can operate payroll for you, as well as perform the book-keeping function.optionalIncludedVAT Returns
We can also prepare your VAT returns (on the back of the book-keeping function) - to save you the head-ache ! optionalIncludedBusiness Accounts
We'll prepare your business accounts for you (whether you are self employed or a limited company).IncludedIncludedTax Compliance
We'll calculate how much tax you owe, fill in and check the tax return, submit the return to the tax authorities, and tell you when and how much to payIncludedIncludedTax Advice
We'll advise you on how to reduce your business's tax bill, so you have more money left to spend or to re-investoptionalIncluded