Who we are

We are a small accountancy firm based in Tooting, South London.

What we do

We take away the headache of tax, accounting and book-keeping so that our clients can focus on their lives and on their businesses.  Some of our clients want us to do everything from book-keeping, through tax planning, all the way to preparing their tax returns and accounts.  Others choose to do more of the work themselves.

Our clients

Some of our clients are individuals who need us to do their self assessment tax return every year.  Sometimes they need advice during the year as well, e.g. if they are thinking about buying or selling a property, and need to understand the tax implications before they decide.

Some of our clients are businesses, many of them quite small, others which are much bigger.  Most of them have one thing in common: they want to focus on their businesses, and don't have time to waste on mistakes.

How we work

Every client is different.  Your needs might be similar to one of our existing clients, but they might not.  That's why we normally start with a face-to-face meeting before we give a quotation.  You need to see who we are before you embark on what we hope will be a long term relationship.  Equally, we need to understand you and your business before we can outline how we think we could work together, and how much we would charge.
List of services

As our clients get to know us, some of them ask us to do more for them.  Sometimes, these are things we already do for other clients.  Sometimes, they are just things we do for ourselves (we're a small business, too!) and that we don't mind doing for a loyal client who is good at other things.  The list of services below covers 80% of what we do.  If you need something related, or something your existing accountant does for you, just pick up the phone and ask me.  The number is at the top of the page.

List of Services

  • Tax returns (both personal and corporate)
  • Book-keeping (keeping track of invoices in and out, and expenses)
  • Payroll (weekly or monthly, including payslips, P46, P60 etc.)
  • VAT returns (for sole traders, partnerships and Limited Companies)
  • Accounts (both the ones you use to plan your business, and the ones Limited Companies have to send to Companies House)
  • Tax planning (quite often, timing a sale or purchase right (or wrong) can have a big impact on your tax bill)
  • Company set-up (registering the company, registering the domain name(s), registering with HM Revenue & Customs)

The rest of this site...

 has snippets of information about our services that people said we should put up.  Most people don't read it, though.  They just phone us on 020 8767 7882, email us on info {AT} countandsee.com.  If you want us to phone you instead, just fill in the form.